• Printing Services

      Grafik Time also offers a solution partnership in the printing of the printed products it designs with the Print Time brand.

    • Why us ?

      Why us ?

      We can do offset printing with our printing time brand.

    • From Design to Print

      From Design to Print

      We offer a solution partnership to your business from a single point, together with the printing of the printing products you have designed by us.

  • Offset Printing Press

    Our offset printing products;

    • Catalog Prints

      Catalog Prints

      Product company catalogs are produced with our offset printing machines in high image resolution.

    • Magazine Prints

      Magazine Prints

      We are able to manufacture periodic indefinite magazine prints with our offset printing machines.

    • Product Box Manufacturing

      Product Box Manufacturing

      With our offset printing machines, we can manufacture boxes at the most affordable prices.

    • Mask Box Manufacturing

      Mask Box Manufacturing

      We manufacture mask boxes with our high quality printing and fast production with our offset printing machines.

    • Corporate Identity Prints

      Corporate Identity Prints

      Pocket File, letterhead, business card, diplomat envelope, waybill and many corporate identity printings.

    • Product Label Prints

      Product Label Prints

      We can also print labels for your products on our offset machines with different features and sizes.

    • Poster Poster Prints

      Poster Poster Prints

      We can print banners and posters in 50x70 - 70x100 sizes on our offset machines.

    • Printing Promotional Prints

      Printing Promotional Prints

      We can print promotional printed products in our offset printing machines.

    • Boyama Kitabı Baskıları

      Boyama Kitabı Baskıları

      Promosyon Boyama kitabı baskıları imalatı ofset baskı makinelerimizde yapabilmekteyiz.