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    As Graphic Time Media Services, we offer graphic design, web design, packaging design, corporate identity, printing press services to our customers.

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  • why us ?

    • Brand Strength

      Brand Strength

      Grafik Time Media Services reliability in these years as we enter our 9th year.

    • Our Printing Power

      Our Printing Power

      We are with you in the printing part of the things we have designed in our own structure with the BASKI TIME brand.

    • Fast Manufacturing Process

      Fast Manufacturing Process

      Fast graphics and production process with our print promotion brands

    • User friendly

      User friendly

      The infrastructure of our websites is user-friendly and allows you to edit while on the website.

  • References

    brands that prefer us...

    • Grafik Time Media Services Advertising Agency

      Grafik Time Media Services serves its customers in many areas as an advertising agency. If it sells products from the corporate identity of a newly established brand to website design, it provides services in many areas from packaging design of the product to box design. You can get services in every field from design to printing with the box manufacturing we have designed with our Baski Time printing brand.

    • Mask Box Design

      We can design special mask boxes for mask brands. We also provide support in the manufacturing part of the mask boxes we design, with our Baskitime brand, where we manufacture mask boxes.

    • Custom Design e-commerce site

      Own an e-commerce site where corporateness is at the forefront, with concept e-commerce sites unique to your brand, which is unusual. Concept e-commerce sites are designed like catalog designs, and then coding is done with the software part. After the e-commerce site is published, you can see the site, make edits, add and remove and keep your site up to date.

    • Printing Services

      We are able to offer solution partnerships for your printing needs, box manufacturing of products we design or products with ready-made designs with our BaskiTime brand.

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    69 Forest Dr. Piscataway NJ, USA

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