• An unusual website

    With Grafik Time, your website experience will be different, and you will have the desired structure with the corporate look and ease of use afterwards.

    Our works
    Our works
  • Features of Our Website Infrastructure

    more easily usable corporate websites

    • Design Wizard

      Design Wizard

      With the design wizard, you can easily design and edit your websites the way you want.

    • Special Components

      Special Components

      You can create your pages quickly and practically by using ready-made components specially prepared for you.

    • Management on Mobile Devices

      Management on Mobile Devices

      Your mobile devices will now be enough for you to make changes to your website.

    • You Can Create Animations!

      You Can Create Animations!

      You can add moving images on your website, and you can create different designs by timing them.

    • Developing Infrastructure

      Developing Infrastructure

      With the ever-developing infrastructure and innovations, you can benefit from the innovations after you have your site built.

    • Advanced Seo Infrastructure

      Advanced Seo Infrastructure

      If you wish, you can make the seo settings of your pages yourself, if you wish, the system will do it automatically.

    • App Marketplace

      App Marketplace

      The application market for adding different features to your site is constantly being developed by our software team. In this way, you can constantly improve your site.

    • Image Library

      Image Library

      You will be able to add stock images to your website with a few clicks on your website.

    • Mask Your Images

      Mask Your Images

      Without having Photoshop knowledge, you can add masking to the images you add to your site and make them appear in different ways.

    • Unlimited Page Creation

      Unlimited Page Creation

      You can open unlimited pages in different categories for your website.

    • Icon Library

      Icon Library

      You can select thousands of icons to use on your site with a few clicks.

    • Manage your email accounts

      Manage your email accounts

      You can easily create your e-mail accounts from the panel of your site.